For almost every process in the brewery from mashing & sparging to cleaning & sanitisation , a source of hot water is required.

Temperature control of water is essential, especially in the mashing process, because if the temperature is too high, this can lead to off-flavours produced due to tannins as well as possibly killing the entire sugar conversion process. And if the temperature is too low, the sugar conversion process won’t even be completed leading to a weaker beer both in flavour as well as alcohol content. Both cases lead to not only the wastage of your raw material, but also manpower , because an entire brew-day would be wasted. Also one must keep in mind that different beer styles require different mashing and sparging temperatures. Therefore a properly equipped Hot Liquor Tank(HLT) is essential to your brewery.

Our state of the art steam-jacketed and fully insulated Hot Liquor Tank(HLT) ensures a continuous supply of clean hot water for your brew day while being able to control it’s temperature at all times. Fully equipped with sensors and integrated to your main control panel, one will always be able to know and control the temperature of the water with just the press of a button, or even from your smartphone!