The Brewhouse, the backbone of your brewery is a multi-tank system which comprises of Mashing, Lauter, Sparge, Boil, and Whirlpool systems which are all integrated into a 2-vessel(Mash & Lauter tun, Boil kettle w/ Whirlpool) or 3-vessel system(Mash & boil kettle, Lauter,Whirlpool) and 4 vessel(Mash tun, Lauter tun, Boiling kettle, Whirlpool) as per the clients specifications and needs.

There are many advantage to using an MICROBREWERYWORLD brewhouse:

  • Quality SS304 and SS304L stainless steel construction and mineral wool insulation
  • Multi step Mashing process control with PLC
  • Whirlpool specially designed and optimized for maximum trub separation
  • High quality internal and external welding and polishing
  • Highest possible extraction rate of malted grain from Lauter
  • Multi collection pot under false bottom of lauter
  • Specialized Sparging nozzle for maximum extraction