• Prodeb is the largest and most advanced microbrewery/Brewery equipment manufacturer in India, using latest belgian technology. It is a part of the Canadian Crystalline group which has been providing equipment and solutions to the brewing industry for over 50 years.
  • Prodeb has been providing turnkey microbrewery/Brewery system solution throughout the world for the last decade. It is the first Indian manufacturer of microbrewery/Brewery equipments with european technology.
  • Prodeb with its advance know-how and state of art technology has been providing craft brewery system throughout the world with tailored solution to the individual brewer's needs, there by optimizing efficiency and brewing experience. Prodeb manufactures in-house the total line of microbrewery/Brewery equipment which includes malt mill, brew house fermenters and bright beer tanks. Apart from the above all accessories (i.e.) Ice Water Tank, Glycol Tank, Hot liquor Tank, CIP System and Refrigeration chillers are also manufactured in its 50,000 square meter facility in chennai india. Prodeb offers a wide spectrum of services which includes detail engineering ( Brewery layout, 3D modeling,3D piping electrical and instrumentation drawings)
  • Prodeb also manufactures and installs process water treatment equipment brewing water equipment to support the brewing process with the purest low Tds water, as well as fortified water to produce classic styles of beer. Our water treatment can be adjusted to mock any parameter of water worldwide.
  • Prodeb provides compact effluent treatment Systems to treat microbrewery/Brewery waste water. The treated water could be used for various purposes.

At PRODEB, our brewing systems are all built turnkey and offer several advantages that outshine those of our competitors. All vessels have an impeccable heating and cooling system through our jacket design. With a high percentage of dimples and an internal spacing of 7 mm, our jackets have 130% more heating and cooling potential than tanks with the usual 3 mm gap seen in inflated jackets. All rakes in our brewhouses include an automatic outplow paddle design. This allows the brewer to plow out spent grain just by reversing the direction of the rake. Our water jet cut screens also represent our dedication to detail. PRODEB uses water jet cut screens as the standard for all of our false bottom screens to improve drainage, increase efficiency and promote consistently clear wort. Sanitation is always top priority when producing your brews. PRODEB is proud to be one of the few North American companies that have a standard of making sure that every corner, tee, manifold etc. is fitted with TRC connections and clamped NOT welded. This allows our clients to inspect their system at every angle. On the areas that need to be welded, we make sure to grind smooth, polish and passivate every TIG weld. Even the largest possible stainless steel sheets are joined and butt-welded to create a stronger tank. To further ensure sanitation and quality, everything that comes in contact with your product, from the handles to the motor is 100% stainless steel and is made to be fully dismantled and easy to clean. While PRODEB makes sanitation and quality a priority, we want to go even further in proving our dedication by ensuring visual satisfaction. We also offer various special features from linear piping systems to customized nameplates to make sure that every vessel represents the same attention to detail that our clients show through their product.In our Standard 3 HL and 10 HL brewhouses are built turnkey systems that offer the quality you need to produce your best brew. They also use the same technology as our large-scale systems to ensure durability in any production


  • Prodeb over the last decade has supplied microbrewery/Brewery solution from 1HL up to 100 HL.
  • Canadian Crystalline which is the part of the prodeb group has established more than 200 large scale breweries and distilleries over the last 40 years for leading brands example to name of few : M/s. UB Limited (King fisher, Kalyani), M/s. SAB Miller Ltd (Fosters, Royal Challenge, Castle, haywards 5000, Miller,Peroni Nastro Azzurro) M/s. Mysore Breweries Ltd (Knock out), M/s. Mohan Breweries and Distilleries Ltd (Golden eagle) with its JV Technology partner M/s. RITA Bottling.
  • Prodeb brewery has executed more than 100 microbreweries world wide in Australia, Europe, Africa, USA, Canada and South America. In India prodeb brewery has more than 20 completed microbrewery/Brewery and more than 60 microbrewery/Brewery getting installed within the current year


  • Through collaboration with universities and experienced Brew Masters from Europe, America and Australia. Prodeb has unleashed the most advanced line of brewery equipment which ensures minimum energy and maximum efficiency and extraction during the brewing process(Prodeb has achived 96% extractor). The In-house path breaking technology of soft/gentle boil and our negative cO2 breweries are being Installed world wide, thereby saving cost and protecting the environment in the process.


  • Only Prodeb Brewery projects in India sell more than 20,000-30,000 liters of beer per month.
  • BYG BREWSKY- HENNUR is the Largest microbrewery/Brewery in Asia is spread over 65,000 square feet with a production capacity of 1,00,000 Liters of Beer per month
  • BYG BREWSKY- SARJAPUR is the second largest microbrewery/Brewery in India is spread over 38,000 square feet with production capacity of 40,000 Liters of Beer per month.
  • Prodeb has recently installed and commissioned the third largest microbrewery/Brewery in India BRAHMA ( Bangalore) is spread over 36,000 square feet and can produce the capacity of 36,000 Liters of Beer per month.
  • Prodeb has Installed and commissioned microbrewery/Brewery,The Druid Garden (Bangalore) spanning 34,000 square feet with production capacity of 32,000 Liters of Beer per month.
  • Prodeb has established 9 out of 12 microbreweries in Hyderabad with the first microbrewery/Brewery of Hyderabad being PROST, with the capacity of 25,000 liters of beer per month spread over 18,000 square feet followed by HEARTCUP in Jubilee Hills and Kondapur with a production capacity of 25,000 Liters/month.
  • Prodeb has also built the first microbrewery/Brewery in Calcutta ,COUNTRY ROADS with the production capacity of 4,000 Liters per month
  • Prodeb is also the exclusive equipment provider and brewing technology partner for 22 numbers of PLAYBOY Beer Gardens throughout India. The first one has opened in Pune.


  • Prodeb believes that to offer the best beer experience, the brewer is as important as the equipment and raw material. A great tasting beer can only be delivered by evolved brew master.
  • Prodeb has a bunch of the best Brewers from Europe, Australia, Canada and USA.
  • Prodeb, provides these Brewers at a nominal fee.
  • This is the reason Prodeb clients sell the highest quantity of beer compare to any other outlets.


  • As the market leader in India in the Brewpub / Restaurant brewery space, Prodeb understands the fine line between product quality and creating a great looking Ambience. Our brewery equipment meet the highest aesthetic requirement. Whether a vintage or contemporary look stainless steel or copper or even the latest titanium range, every single part of the brewing equipment sparkles. Our brewery makes a statement Like a show stopper. To make things spotlessly perfect we install every client Brewery according to their interior design scheme
  • Whether traditional of craft beer, a nostalgic look or a exclusive design remind your guest why beer culture still thrives today. They will appreciate you for your Effort.



SEPPA is involved from concept to consumer with you to ensure your success all the way. We innovate and design the most aesthetic packaging for your product and also ensuring the lightest most economical bottle. SEPPA introduces the most sophisticated post packaging protection for the product. We focus on bottle and product durability and enhanced hygiene to ensure optimum quality of your product to the consumer. With a 24/7 call center to support your service, maintenance, up gradation and training needs.


  • The standard PET Blowing Followed by a rinser, filler, capper, labeler and auto wrapping system extending to a palletizer and stacker can also be integrated with a Kombopure® Kombopure® combines the blowing and filler and capper into one integrated block. This spirals hygiene, production efficiency and product quality.
  • SEPPA is a single source manufacturer offering integrated complete line solutions for Water, Sparkling water, CSD, Juice, Milk, Beer, Liquor and Wine. Vertical integration through acquisitions combined with 50 years of expertise and knowledge in complete line solution places us clearly above industry competition. Our core strength lies in designing customized plants and lines with the use of cutting edge technology.

  • SEPPA's is the global leader in processing and packaging technology and one of the few companies in the world which designs and manufactures a complete range of processing and packaging equipments and technology under one roof.
  • SEPPA’s mission is to offer clients a seamless transfer of high technology with high quality through our advanced products and systems. Understanding our client’s 3 C’s, Challenges, Constraints and Competition enables us to offer turnkey project solutions and expert advice on enhanced hygiene productivity, maintenance and maximized efficiency. SEPPA has the infrastructure and expertise to design, develop and manufacture customized plants based on the client’s requirements. SEPPA is the only company which provides a complete line solution for Water, Sparkling water, CSD, Juice, Milk, Beer, Liquor and Wine projects.