Prodeb has conceptualized the most innovative concepts to produce affordable low cost PET Blowing Machine for small and medium speed production.

Prodeb`s focus is on sustainable production of the PET bottle creating solutions for enhancing productivity, low investment and bottle cost. Prodeb designs are driven towards maximum uptime and reduced cost of production.

Prodeb produces a complete range of Semi-auto PET Blowing machines to produce PET bottles from 0.1ml to 20 liters. The series are broken up into SSB 05A, B and C. apart from this the latest most optimized auto drop system with options of preform unscrambler and auto preform loader to the heating system is incorporated in the SSB D series. The SSB-05 and SSB 20C series needed more human involvement in the process of producing PET bottles. The SSB - D series had reduced the human involvement or dependency by 90%. This has increased production speed optimized ef´Čüciency and reduced production cost.

ALL THE QUALITIES OF PET` The PET bottle is a great success in many countries. Produced by the biaxially oriented blow moulding process, PET or Polyethylene Terephtalate - bottles combine outstanding performances and aesthetic qualities. They give you the superb crystal clarity needed to show any product to advantage. They have excellent carbonation retention properties and a good barrier to oxygen. It's extremely resistant to breakage, Light to handle, Easy to transport and safe for health and environment.